Professional BPO Services Tailored To Your Business’ Needs

The 24/7/365 availability your business needs to meet growing customer demands

Center One, LLC provides businesses with the professional outsourced services that reduce cost and drive growth. Contracting non-core business processes to Center One, a long-trusted BPO provider operating within several industry verticals, allows businesses to run leaner operations with the 24/7/365 scalability and flexibility that delivers an enhanced customer experience and added brand protection.

Outsourcing can help every business reduce the need for full-time customer service employees as well as associated training, employee turnover management, and peak volume demands. We are constantly expanding our services and the industries in which we provide services. With our flexible billing structures, wide array of strategic servicing options, and streamlined back office support services, we can customize a solution that meets every business’ specific needs and budget.

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Inbound Call Center Service

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Outbound Call Center Services

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Strategic Account Servicing & Support

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Back Office Support Services

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Flexible Billing Structures

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Inbound Call Center Services

Center One provides exceptional first-party call center services. Our domestic call center employees are specifically trained in utilizing each client’s processes and resources so that when customers call in to our call center, they can expeditiously and compliantly handle customer’s needs to create a more positive customer experience. Our sophisticated training program enables all representatives to clearly communicate and handle concerns with professionalism and compassion. Our robust technology suite combined with our professional team deliver the advanced services that enable businesses to efficiently build clientele, increase revenue, and reduce risk.

Customers expect prompt service and swift resolution. From customer support to complaint management, the Center One team will professionally and expertly handle incoming call center needs 24/7/365. Our team is focused on professionally representing each client to foster positive customer experiences that protect each brand. We have no limit to the number of industry verticals that we serve and our team can quickly and effectively manage include (but are not limited to):

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Conference Registration

  • Direct Marketing/ Infomercial Response

  • Live or Automated After Hours Answering Service Needs

  • Quality Survey Transfers

  • Order Taking

  • Up Sell or Cross Sell

  • Web-Based Customer Care Support

  • Specialized First Party Collections

Outbound Call Center Services

We respectfully represent each company in all of our outbound call center services, carefully training our team in sync with each client’s specifications. Center One call center employees specialize in compliantly gathering data and communicating clearly to create a personalized and positive experience for each customer. We are outcome driven and closely manage our team to ensure that we are achieving key metrics and creating success for our clients. The need for compliance and accuracy are paramount and, through our advanced phone technology, we are able to monitor every call for quality assurance and give clients the unique capability to listen to our teams’ phone calls from anywhere in the world.

Our domestic outbound call center solutions eliminate the need for costly training and management of internal employees. Our trusted BPO services give businesses the flexibility to rapidly scale up or down without the associated staffing concerns. Outsourcing to our call center reduces overhead while increasing customer satisfaction to ensure campaign and company success. Center One provides reliable outbound call center solutions that include but are not limited to:

  • Sales

  • Surveys

  • Information Research Studies

  • Polling

  • Service or Software Upgrades

  • Promotional Campaigns (Insurance, Balance Transfers, Special APR’s, Custom Campaigns)

  • Specialized First Party Collections

  • Automated Mass Dial Campaigns (Custom Recorded)

  • Lead Generation

Smiling female team leader assisting her team members
Top view of man working on his desktop with a diary, phone, and coffee placed on the table

Strategic Account Servicing and Support

Center One provides innovative outsourcing solutions that help businesses of all sizes thrive in highly-competitive markets. Leveraging our professional domestic outsourcing solutions gives businesses greater operational flexibility at a reduced cost. Our team is highly-trained and we have integrated technology that ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and client specifications. We have exceptional attention to detail and are committed to creating positive customer experiences that help each client partner achieve business goals.

Partnering with Center One allows businesses to improve agility and scalability without adding internal personnel. Our company can handle all aspects of support operations including the activation of credit cards, customer support, complaint management, and early stage recovery. Our customized support solutions can include:

  • Client Tailored Auditing

  • Call Monitoring

  • Compliance Department

  • Correspondence Department

  • Quality Assessments

  • Full Scale Reporting Department

  • Dedicated Programming Department

  • Expert In-House IT Support

  • Time and Attendance Center

  • Large Scale Human Resource Department

  • Customized Call Scripting

  • Unsurpassed Skip Tracing

Back Office Support Services

Instead of utilizing internal resources for back office administrative tasks, save money with Center One’s outsourced back office support services. Hiring additional internal personnel can be costly as is the regular training required to stay current with changing rules,regulations and procedures. We provide an educated and professional workforce for a fraction of the cost. Outsourcing business functions such as data entry, record maintenance, invoice processing, correspondence, fraud, accounts receivable, regulatory compliance, debt collection, and more allow businesses to quickly reduce overhead while providing instant scalability. Center One has extensive experience in managing our partners’ back office functions and ensuring that customers always have an available and reliable source of information.

Smiling female representative answering calls in the office
A smiling businessman calculating bills on a calculator in the office

Flexible Billing Structures

Center One, LLC is the domestic price leader for BPO services. We customize every client servicing solution and offer one of the most flexible billing structures in the industry. Our U.S. based team can tailor rates and services based on each business’ needs and budget. Our fee structures include by account, by the hour, by success rate, and more. All of our services include round-the-clock availability–365 days a year, after hours, all weekends, and all holidays. Our team operates 24/7/365 to meet the growing demands of today’s consumers.

Contact us today to learn more about how Center One can save you money.

Contact us today to learn more about how Center One can save you money.