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Center One, LLC is a complete first-party servicer for businesses of all sizes across a myriad of industries. Our executive team has decades of experience with unmatched expertise gained from long-term client relationships, all of which make us the ideal BPO provider for businesses. Our strategic call center and back office support services are customized to meet the unique needs of each business. By offering an extensive menu of proven services in combination with our flexible billing structures, we allow businesses to create a customized solution that accelerates business goals while providing rapid scalability to achieve business goals, increase customer satisfaction, and save money.

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Credit Card Services

Mortgage and loan services

Mortgage Customer Services

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Default Mortgage Collections

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Single Point of Contact

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Banking and Financial Services

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Auto Loan

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Robust Security and Compliance

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Credit Card Services

We help creditors of all sizes provide the highest level of customer service by providing 24/7/365 availability at affordable rates. We have the perfect blend of technology, processes, and highly-trained people to provide compliant credit card servicing options with near limitless scalability. Our staff receives regular training to ensure that all of our actions are in compliance with client requirements. And, we have the capability to service a wide array of revolving credit lines, including sub-prime accounts.

Customers don’t like to be kept on hold and businesses don’t want barriers to revenue; Center One’s credit card services provide the reliability businesses need and the availability that customers expect. We specialize in early intervention recovery, but also provide proven results in:

  • Personal Activations

  • Billing Services

  • Payment Services

  • Fraud Services

  • Loan Servicing

  • Credit Card Portfolio Management

  • Early to Late Stage Recovery

Mortgage and HELOC Loan Customer Services

Mortgage and HELOC servicing is complex and creating a positive customer experience is important. With unique state and federal regulations, consumer protections, and documentation requirements, servicing the mortgage market requires specialized knowledge. Our team members are highly trained in the heavily-regulated mortgage industry and can assist customers with understanding, receiving, and paying their bills. Our team is also equipped to respond to general customer inquiries about the mortgage loan, loan servicer, and other miscellaneous information.

Center One, LLC provides lenders with compliant services for first and second mortgages, HELOCs and PHLs, mortgage restructuring, short sales modifications, and more. Our professionals are trained regularly to ensure up-to-date compliance with rules and regulations. We have the capability to handle all mortgage customer service and loan servicing needs. Outsource to Center One, LLC and give customers the availability and service they demand at a reduced cost.

Mortgage and loan services

Default Mortgage Collections

In addition to customer service for performing mortgage loans, we also provide creditors with collections services for defaulted mortgage loans. We provide first-party collections to collect monies owed on mortgages before foreclosure. Additionally, our specialists are skilled in assisting customers with issue-specific financial hardship assistance associated with their delinquency, including:

  • Unemployment
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Medical Issues
  • Loss of Family
  • Military Deployment
  • Retirement
  • Disasters

Single Point of Contact

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing to Center One is our ability to handle all of a client’s call center needs, thereby simplifying and condensing the outsourcing stream of contact for our clients and their customers. We have the capacity to become any and all departments needed for a call center within an organization including:

  • Customer service
  • Management
  • Compliance
  • Fraud
  • Collections
  • Risk management

Rather than outsourcing multiple needs to multiple service providers, our all-in-one outsourcing solutions speeds up and streamlines the flow of service while allowing for rapid resolution of any level of service needed by customers. Our clients find that this is much more conducive to reputation preservation and consumer satisfaction.

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Closeup view of man working on the laptop that shows data security

Banking and Financial Services

Center One is the BPO provider that financial institutions can trust to service accounts compliantly and within client parameters. We provide low-cost, high-quality services for a wide range of financial servicing needs across the lending lifecycle. It can be difficult to manage large volumes of customer needs, especially as customer preferences change. We have the specific workflows, software, and highly-trained team to ensure that account documentation is accurate and available when needed.

Partnering with Center One gives financial businesses immediate agility as well as the ability to standardize account management processes, foster customer loyalty, and improve business performance, all at a reduced cost. Our outsourced solutions for lenders include:

  • Personal or Commercial Banking

  • Toll Free Customer Service

  • Checking, Savings or Money Market Accounts

  • Loans and Lines of Credit

  • Online Account Management

  • Third-Party Verification and Application Completion

  • Automated Customer Service

  • Custom-Designed Interactive Voice Response

  • Short Term Installment Loans

Auto Loan Services

Auto loans, especially subprime loans, can be complicated. Our team has years of experience in servicing the complete auto loan lifecycle. Our highly-trained team adeptly navigates the processes and procedures associated with consumer protections and frequent regulatory changes. We partner with each client to gain a better understanding of specific needs and customize a solution that will increase efficiency, cut costs, and eliminate common customer service complaints.

Lending relationships, and defaulted accounts especially, require a different level of support, care, and reputation management. Because we operate on a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year basis, we are able to proficiently manage sudden changes and surges in customer support volume. Customers have questions outside of regular business hours and want prompt support. Center One, LLC gives auto lenders the flexibility to meet their customer’s needs while providing a positive customer experience that drives increased revenue and allows businesses to reallocate time and resources to core business functions including product development and company growth.

Close up view of a man signing car loan documents
Closeup view of man working on the laptop that shows data security

Robust Security and Compliance

Center One, LLC is a proven performer across the industry and most importantly, a proven leader in performance and compliance. We are proud to be Payment Card Industry/Data Security Standard (PSI/DSS) and Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC 2 Type 2) certified. Each of these certifications asserts our commitment to upholding the standards for the secure processing of sensitive data. We carefully develop and continually train each staff member to meet regulatory, compliance, and client parameters.

We generate reports with individual KPIs, and we have the business intelligence tools to manage performance historically and in real time. Our dedicated risk management department oversees and regularly tests all key processes and controls through exception reporting and mock audit practices, maintaining our focus on protecting brands and fostering positive customer experiences.

Learn more about our 24/7/365 services that drive bottom-line results for businesses of all sizes.

Learn more about our 24/7/365 services that drive bottom-line results for businesses of all sizes.